May 9, 2011

St. Joseph's College Devagiri in Kozhikode

Sudheesh studied at the St. Joseph's College Devagiri in Kozhikode.
(See here the Wikipage under "Notable Faculty/Alumni")

Here a video.
Sudheesh gives a lecture at the St. Joseph's College Devagiri.
Cine Artist Sudheesh performing at Mega Alumni get-together at Devagiri College Calicut on 14-2-09 

It's pity.
I don't understand Malayalam.........maybe someone want to translate what Sudheesh here talk?

St. Joseph's Colleg Devagiri Kozhikode

May 7, 2011

Sudheesh Family?

These Photos are from th wedding reception of Prithviraj.
Are they the wife (in blue sari) and the son of Sudheesh?
What a sweet family!

Mar 6, 2011

【Aadhaaram】 (1992)

【Aadhaaram】 (1992)

Director: George Kithu
Cast: Murali, Suresh Gopi, Sudheesh,Sreeram, Sreeraman V K, Janardhanan, Sukumari, Geetha, Usha, Sari, Indrans
Music: Johnson



Director: Sibi Malayil
Cast: Mammooty, Mukesh, Sukumaran, Madhu, Sudheesh, Parvathi, Baiju, Pappu, Karamana Janardanan Nair, Paravoor Bharathan, Mala Aravindan, Mahesh
Music: Mohan Sitara

This movie is the earliest movie of Sudheesh, which I could see.
A very nice Film.

Dec 26, 2010

Sudheesh in Kozhikode (Kerala)

My first journey to Kerala was on March-April 2010 about for 2 weeks.
I absolutely wanted to visit Kozhikode.



Director: Fazil
Cast: Mohanlal, Shobana, Suesh Gopi, Vinaya Prasad, Nedumudi Venu, Innocent, K.P.A.C.Lalitha, Sudheesh, Thilakan, Ganesh Kumar, Rudra, Pappu, Shrindhar
Music: MG.Radhakrishnan
Wiki Page

This is my first Malayalam Movie and my first Sudheesh Movie.
So a wonderful movie!

Was Sudheesh still Teenager?

Sudheesh Filmography

Here the Filmography of Sudheesh.
The source is in principles from IMDb and add from the another sources too.
The titles in red are the movies which I watched.


I have to say first,
my English is miserable.
I'm very sorry if you cannot understand the article in this blog.
(Japanese and German are OK.)
Please correct if you find wrong sentences.

I would like to introduce me a little.
I'm a Japanese and living in Germany.
A few years ago I met south Indian movies and since then I'm an ardent fan of them.
(above all for Malayalam and Telugu movies)