Dec 26, 2010

Sudheesh in Kozhikode (Kerala)

My first journey to Kerala was on March-April 2010 about for 2 weeks.
I absolutely wanted to visit Kozhikode.


for that

Sudheesh is maybe from Kozhikode?
Then maybe I will meet him on the raod chance? (idiot)

I didn't see Sudheesh on the raod in Kozhikode
but I find this Poster at the Kuttichira Pond (thanks for Ms Periplo)

I was so happy!
At the next time I will buy a couple of shoes of EBIX!
(This time I had no time to look for shoes of EBIX, sorry.......idiot?)

Many many thanks for the people of Kerala, for the people of Kozhikode.
It was so a nice trip.
I want to visit Kerala and Kozhikode again.
That's sure!

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